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    Default site pictures

    hi, regretfully i am selling off my video game collection and have many rare and even not so rare items. i stumbled across your site and am quite impressed. kudo's to you.
    anyway, was wanting to know if you have a place that pics could be uploaded to? i did set up an album and will be adding to that, but some of the things i would love to be stored for future veiwing by others of actual items
    thanks for any suggestions

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    Default Re: site pictures

    Welcome and thanks for the feedback,

    currently the forums have limited image uploading capabilities in the form of attachments and albums. We will probably improve the image capabilities and have some sort of improved mechanisms for uploading pictures of collections in the future.

    You can also upload your images to an image uploading site, and then just put it in the body of your post. See here for more information:

    How to post photos of your items
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    staRWARS 2.jpg
    HAS ANYONE SEEN ONE OF THESE BEFORE ? as i cannot find a reference to it anywhere on the net

    has COPYRIGHT lucas arts on its base and

    CE 1999 made in china
    Its an alarm clock which lights up and plays the starwars theme



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