You always talk about utilities or add-ons for Twitter whose utility is to improve the user experience, but it is almost never mentioned that Twitter can also be fun and can make us have a good time, you can even download from twitter these games. There are some "games" based on this microblog tool, this time, in Mashable they made a list of 6 of them.

Twivia: It's as simple as a common trivia. A question is asked, and the first to answer accumulates points. It is a game that requires knowledge and above all speed. To play you must follow @playtwivia.

Twitbrain: Exercising the mind is very important; if you don't want something as elaborate as Mind360 then Twitbrain will please you, since the goal is to solve mathematical problems mentally in the shortest possible time. To play, follow @twitbrain.

Tweetbomb: This is a somewhat different game. The objective is to select a person from your list of friends and send them pure replies without text in order to confuse the person until he realizes that he is being part of a game. Follow @tweetbomb to play.

BeatMyTweet: Another skill game is similar to Twitbrain but letters are used instead of numbers. You will regularly find anagrams that you must solve. To play, follow @beatmytweet.
WhoseTweet: This activity is simple. They give you a list with 10 tweets from your friends and you must guess who each Tweet belongs to, it's a bit complicated. To play visit the WhoseTweet site.

Tweet140: First you must follow @ tweet140 and start sending tweets in order to make Twooshes (140 character tweets accurately). The closer you get to 140 characters, the more points you get.

Of course there are many more alternatives to have fun for a while on Twitter, but for now, these six recommendations will be enough to distract you a bit, especially the games of mental, mathematical and language skills, they will leave us good things in the long run.