I collect the Turbografx 16 predominantly and I use the Rarity Guides provided for the system to help me collect.

However, I have been thinking about entering the PC Engine/SuperGrafx side of Hu Card collecting, and me and many others who collect these systems, would love to see both of these systems become more relevant on Rarity Guide!

SuperGrafx has a place in your Video Game Consoles section but, there is a handful of games made for it, that I feel should garner respect as well. Much can be found regarding its rarity and pricing throughout the internet.

The PC Engine neither owns its own games section, nor is it found listed in the Video Game Consoles section. This great Japanese console needs respect as well and certainly has enough sales throughout Ebay and beyond that could be used in pricing the console and games. As well as information regarding rarity of PC Engine and its titles. I know that a brother of this system is on here in the Video Game Consoles section (PC F-X), but why isn't the big brother? The PC Engine.

So these two systems would be a nice addition for the many collectors out there who use this site for many other systems but have to look elsewhere for pricing & rarity on the PC Engine and SuperGrafx. This is a suggestion for an addition that I'm sure many others would also enjoy seeing on the Rarity Guides.