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    Default Top 10 Star Wars Moments

    Very cool Star Wars article with videos:

    Have you ever thought about which are your favourite moments in Star Wars? It’s tougher than you think.

    For starters, there are six films. Although, to be honest, the three prequels rarely entered our minds when coming up with the list. Then there is the fact that we had to somehow whittle it down to just 10, which is almost impossible.

    It could seriously have been a top 100, but there are limits, right? And we really wanted to come up with the perfect 10.

    Please feel free to tell us your favourites.
    Full article here:
    Top 10 Star Wars Moments | Hecklerspray

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    Default Re: Top 10 Star Wars Moments

    Thanks alot.. I have got a very nice collection of star wars here on this forum... And i came to know about some of the interesting stuff regarding star wars today itself.



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