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    Planet <GM> Baril@Rehpic showed up in Sol station and answered lotsa questions!

    I happened to be in the earth station when <GM> Baril@Rehpic popped up and was kind enough to answer a lot of questions in game. I could not copy and paste had to type everything out for you was a pain so I hope you guys appreciate it

    His name was in pink/purple color in the chat preceded by <GM>

    also note it was amusing that before the GM showed up the chat channel was flooded with spam, but as soon as he showed up in the chat all the spam miraculously stopped. The moment he left, the spammers came back :|

    anyway here is the transcript:

    this is what i caught:

    player: GM Baril, will there be gloves for female toons?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: no idea about gloves

    player: As I mentioned beforfe on the forums. This game should have been pushed back at least a year. in order to fix issues with the servers

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: We probably need to increase some network timeouts. It is on my list to investigate.

    player: How about we flesh out Klingons?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Klingons will be getting episodes in future updates.
    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Some Klingon fleet actions and star clusters in season one

    player: My wife would like to know if the federation side females will ever get as many hairstyles as the klingon side females do

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: There are more hair styles in season one update

    player: How about a first officer?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: first officer is being looked at

    player: I'd heard the 18th for update 1, but wasn't concrete

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Season one is the first big patch. It has also been referred to as the 45-day patch and update 1

    player: will it have klingon content that is not pvp?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Season one has fleet actions and star clusters for klingons. Klingon episodes are coming in a future update.

    player: any comment on the changes to EPS regulators? last I looked they were being cut way dowin in size

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I'm not up to date on all the power changes, sorry

    player: any UI stuff?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: There will be UI improvements in every update

    player: I've got 2 x rear admiral 5 chars and this char will soon be captain. Are there plans soon for extra character slots to become available in game free or through C-Store?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: extra character slots will be available at the C-Store in the next week or two, when season one goes live

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Dont know if you guys saw in the forums, but there is a dabo minigame in the works

    player: whats dabo?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Dabo was a game they played in Quarks bar in DS9. Kind of like roulette.

    player: how do I rename my char?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Rename tokens will be available in C-Store soon

    player: I'd like to ask something. Do we get one free respec? Or are all RE's gonna have to pay?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: current plan is a free respec at every rank up

    player: Baril, what about people that are admirals:

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I believe everyone will get a free respec

    player: we beeter Baril. Or I will cancel my sub. Maybe.

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Everyone, even RA5 will get a free respec when the patch goes live.

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: If you want to play with respecs, you can log on to the tribble test server and try respecing to different builds there

    player: the respecs are for skills only right?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: yes, respec is for skills only at this time

    player: its 10 gig aint it?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: you dont need to copy files around. the patcher is smart enough to copy files from your main install into the trible folder automatically

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I should be doing missions instead of talking to you guys, my main character is only lt Cmdr 2 :-)

    player: being a GM is a serious business

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: well, now I should really go to sleep

    player: sleep?? whats that? is it a rare drop? is it in the c-store?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I have an anonymous account for actually playing the game. You may have already grouped with me :-)

    player: Is the 1.2 mil fleet tabs intentional or is that price going to be adjusted in future updates?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: We want to have progressive pricing rather then flat pricing on the fleet bank tabs, but we need some new tech for that which isnt ready yet.

    Player: apparently GMs work too much if only LTC2... and that would be a shame cause it spoils the whole game if you know the missions so well from helping people screw fix ups

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I'm a a programmer, not a GM, and I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible :-)

    player: where do I send mail?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: There is a mail terminal in the bank area

    player: baril are you guys going to put discriptions back on the tribbles?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I'm not sure if we will make the tribble tooltips more descriptive.

    player: the exchange definetly needs some sort of work over its very hard to find something at the right price and as a consequence hard for crafters and sellers to offer at decent rates

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: exchange is getting some love in the near term

    player: Currently when a GM is online... spammers disappear

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: as is the automated anti-spam system, which currently has some problems

    player: Players #1 want in the exchange: sort by price

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Sort by prices is currently being coded

    player: hey, Baril. Is the <GM> account you're using now your "secret" one?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: lol, no

    player: what do u look like in ur other account

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: this is my dev account @rehpic, same as my forum and IRC name

    player: were can i add more cryptic points i cant see were to on the website

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: there is a link to buy cryptic points on your My Account page on the website

    player: What method of payment does the website accept Baril?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: It supports credit cards and paypal as far as I know

    player: I dont not have nor want credit cards Baril
    player: nor do I trust paypal

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: What payment methods would you prefer?

    player: BestBuy usually have timecards. They even have timecards for Gaia

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Do you mean trading timecard for cryptic points?

    player: yes

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: Thats a good idea. I will suggest it.
    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: and take all the credit of course :-)

    player: Heh, was wondering why I wasn't being bombed with gold selling spam as soon as I warped into Sol... then saw the GM post. 8)

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: i've been in here talking for a couple hours and no spammers have shown up

    player: they know youre here baril, and are hiding lol
    player: they arent hiding, they're in sirius

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: just popped out to sector space for a sec and didnt see any spammers

    player: baril, did you utilize your ignore list?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I just ban the spammers immediately, when I see them rather then use the ignore list :-)

    player: can't we have one of them buttons baril

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: the anti-spam tech will be improving (mostly behind the scenes) in the near future
    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: for the record the anti-spam tech is awesome
    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: when enough perople report a spammer, they get a temporary ban and then a gm reviews them and will issue a permanent ban for real gold spammers.
    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: There are a few bugs in the anti-spam code right now that are preventing it from working as designed. They should be fixed soon

    player: yea I consider the anti spam good but has a fault, any group of pps can stop a player chating just by reporting the same player

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: I am requesting some code changes to make that less likely to happen

    player: will the anti-spam be it's own implementation? or will it be tied with a patch? In other words, can it be done before a patch is put up or must it wait?

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: the anti-spam code is mostly in the global chat server (shared across games) and is updated on its own schedule, separate from the game patches

    <GM> Baril@Rehpic: now I really need to sleep. Thanks for everyone who joined my flash mob/dance party :-)

    (Second <GM> Baril@Rehpic leaves, spammers flood the chat again)

    player: wooowwww the SECOND he leaves

    <GM> indigofyre@indigoFyre: Apparently they missed the bit where I said I was on the clock

    (Spammers stop again.)

    <GM> indigofyre@indigoFyre: well guys, I gotta head out. report those spammers!

    (spammers come back again...)

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    Default Re: <GM> Baril@Rehpic showed up in Sol station and answered lotsa questions!

    Sweet, what did the GM's character look like was he Q or something

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    Default Re: <GM> Baril@Rehpic showed up in Sol station and answered lotsa questions!

    didn't get to see him, was busy typing out all the chat so had no time to go search for him

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    Default Re: <GM> Baril@Rehpic showed up in Sol station and answered lotsa questions!

    Free respecs at every rank hoooo.... sounds good!

    thanks for taking the time to type all this, some interesting things here



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