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    Default should I choose engineering officer science officer or tactical officer?

    It asks me to choose a class? should I choose engineering officer science officer or tactical officer whats best

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    Default Re: should I choose engineering officer science officer or tactical officer?

    Depends how you want to play the game.

    also here is what the manual has to say about the different kinds of classes:

    There are three types of characters in Star Trek Online. Each class has its own strengths and will play differently than other classes.

    If you like to protect other players from harm and be able to soak up lots of damage, you may want to roll an Engineering Officer.
    If you prefer to support your friends with buffs and heals while weakening your enemies, try a Science Officer.
    If you're the kind of player that likes to do as much damage as you possibly can, you'll want to play as a Tactical Officer.

    Each class also can be broken down into three different professions in which you will be able to advance throughout your career as a Starfleet Officer or Klingon Warrior.

    Survivability, support generators and controlling the paths of enemy advance with fieldworks. Engineering Officers can withstand damage by improving the performance of their own personal shields, while supporting their away team with power generators, or by bottlenecking the enemy's advance with defensive minefields. The Engineer's own combat effectiveness can be improved by modification to their firearms or support fire from fabricated turrets or drones.

    Combat Engineers focus on Explosives Training, Force Fields and Starship Support.
    Technicians work to improve their teams gear, and sabotage the enemy’s equipment.
    Fabrication Engineers support their teams with deployable objects, such as turrets and shield generators.

    Weakening or incapacitating their enemies over time, creating energy fields that damage or hinder their enemies, and healing their away team from such effects. The Science Officer has the greatest potential to quickly react to chaotic combat situations through direct enemy holds, weakening an enemy group's combat strength or resistance, or responding to enemy attack by quickly healing damage. The Science Officer's combat effectiveness is his versatility.

    Scientists support their allies by weakening enemies they come in contact with.
    Researchers can keep control in most any combat situation.
    Doctors are responsible for keeping their team mates in tip top medical condition.

    Combat damage, stealth recon and squad tactics. The Tactical Officer can deliver damage in the widest variety of methods, while supporting his away team by drawing off enemy threat or bolstering combat effectiveness with tactics and squad commands.

    Soldiers are highly trained in the use of several different types of grenades, and their training works to increase the effectiveness of both themselves, and their teams in battle.
    Security Officers receive training to allow them to protect their allies in combat situations and have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of firearms.
    The Special Forces train extensively in stealth and martial arts.



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