Hi all,

I am an officer in the Halcyon Epsilon fleet which is the coolest STO Roleplay fleet out there! If you are looking for a roleplaying fleet to join, please look around at our site and apply at the forums.

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Halcyon Epsilon Fleet

- In media arma ruamus -
"Into the thick of the fight."

Halcyon Epsilon Fleet is a heavy role-playing fleet comprised of a wide assortment of Starfleet captains, each of whom brings something unique and extraordinary to the table. As our motto implies, Halcyon Epsilon Fleet is never far from the action, based as we are along the newly redrawn Neutral Zone, right in the heart of galactic intrigue.

Our members share this common bond: a love for the Star Trek mythos and a desire to help make it come to life once Star Trek Online launches! You will see this evident in the Holodeck section of our forums, where you'll find many fine stories and biographies crafted by our members. Our focus is on fun and immersion. We value quality over quantity. Rapid levelling and racing to the level cap are not necessarily the goals of the fleet, though we do intend to experience the high-end content in due time. Members are encouraged to level at their own pace, and many of us plan to enjoy the journey as we fully explore all corners of this galaxy that Cryptic Studios is building for us.

Halcyon Epsilon Fleet is currently accepting applications for membership. All you need is a basic knowledge of the Star Trek universe, willingness to expand that knowledge with us in the months leading up to launch, the ability to come up with an interesting character, and the desire to role-play/develop that character in our forums and in-game once STO is released. Like what you see and want to become a part of it? Apply for membership in our fleet forums today!