Dawn of a New Day

- we are international Guild looking to recruit mature players -

Who are we?

DawN is a collection of mature gamers from many different guilds. All members have vast mmo experience. We all use vent to communicate as well as our forum. Comms shy or non forum users need not apply. Our average real life age is 30+. We have a core group of aproximately 100 members (not all will be joining us in Star Trek).

Why are we here?

As mature gamers we like to do our own thing, we have no intention of growing into a zerg, our itention is to retain a core group of familiar friends who will enjoy the game together.

What makes us different?

We are drama free, we dont have the issues bigger guilds have as we are a close knit group of experienced players. Our goal is to enjoy the game and all of its various content together. We have no room for the solo player, we are completely guild/group orientated.


You can find us here: Dawn of a New Day Forums - Portal
Recruitment Section: Recruitment - Guests may post here