Figured I would share an interesting article I ran across about Stamp collecting written by Ross Taylor:

Collecting stamps (philately)

In this article, he lists 19 good reasons that we collect stamps (some of them can also be applied to other collectibles as well)

  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • They are miniature works of art
  • Desire to complete and arrange a set or collection
  • National pride, we tend to collect stamps from our own country
  • They have historical value, they show our Kings and Queens (or presidents)
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Nostalgia, the good old days, memories of when I was young
  • Hoarding and sorting instinct
  • Sorting stamps to find a valuable one
  • They might become valuable one day
  • To avoid the wife
  • Your Grandad gave you his collection
  • I want to be the world expert on the 1d red
  • To gloat over my collection
  • You enjoy stamps - you have the stamp 'bug'
  • You have an attention to detail
  • To spend some time during a winter's evening
  • You want to do philatelic research
  • A financial investment