Here are list of thing that can unlocked on this game:

1.Master Fisherman Challenge
Win the tournament and be the champion. Either after you win on final you see continue button and exit button. Press the continue and you will face Master Fisherman.

2.World Monster Fishing Map on Free Fishing
Simply just start the game and win the 1st set (American, European, Asian) and you will see those 3 on free fishing. For more, clear the next set but bonus lakes cannot be unlocked on free fishing.

3.Bonus Lakes:
a.Lost Lake:
In here was known as an ancient lake for how to clear the lake see on "????? Fish" Unlocked by clearing WMF from American - Devil Lake

b.Mu Lake
In here was more ancient than Lost lake and rumor says here has a monster dinosaur. Unlocked by have all WMF main target fishes on MONSTER!

c.Atlantis Lake
In here known as final of Big Ol Bass 2 "World Monster Fishing" Unlocked by have all fish including the "????? Fish" before it.

4.????? Fishes
a. Tyrannosaurus/T-Rex White
Tyrannosaurus is a big dinosaur its Monster almost reach 9 ton or exactly 8,8 ton. To get it get a mysterious fish on Lost Lake it called T-bass. Then make the line more than 20 meters while that a siren will heard with a sound calling Emergency. T-Rex White is Tyrannosaurus monster.

Elasmosaurus was a big blue dinosaur on Mu Lake. To get it, catch a Coelacanth then the next is same with the Tyrannosaurus.

c.King Bluegill
Someone called it Monster Bluegill it was on Atlantis Lake. To get it, catch a Largemouth Bass it noot as common as on Free Fishing but when catch it use the same hint on the before 2 Dinosaurs