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Guitar Hero enters into the whole band set-up that its leading competitor Rock Band has had for a good while now. Itís got a lot of changes over how the series itself has been progressing though it definitely it something of note. While the game itself was meant to run on the modern generation, bless their hearts for thinking about those less fortunate (for unwilling) to part with the money for the modern and like what they have at present. I enjoy my PS2 a lot and still have a good number of games to play. That Activision released it as they did was a very pleasant surprise for the out-dated PS2.


Story Ö. Not really here this time. GH 3 actually had something of one but this one has only a shadow of one. Each part of the career is that person striving for greatness (or acknowledgement or a band) with their particular instrument. Aside from that, "story" really isnít there.


This would make up the meat and bones of the game and itís certainly taken a while for me to play the game enough to get a taste of everything it has to offer, and thereís still more to do. True to fashion of the series, there are still humorous lines on the load screens, my personal favorite being, "when in doubt, blame the singerís girlfriend". Easily my favorite part of the series itself since its beginning. This version of Guitar Hero boasts more tracks (85 master) and play than any other GH as well as more features. Each career, at the beginning, gives you the option to go into the tutorials to learn more about playing through with the instrument. These tutorials do seem keys to Guitar Hero instruments, while it makes no difference regarding the microphone, this could cause trouble with drums and guitars if not their brand. The most notable difference in this area of career is that each part is broken into much smaller set-list, though they do grow some over the course of the career. While itís a wonderful expansion, it was hardly as well done as possible. It might be good, but it wasnít up to scratch with my expectations for the series.

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