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Gamestop.com - Buy God of War III Ultimate Edition - Playstation 3

Built by the fans and for the fans of the God of War franchise, the God of War III Pandora's Box Collector’s Edition features exclusive digital content and collectible content.:
Exclusive Collectible
High End Sculpted Replica of the Pandora's Box. Dimensions 8.3" wide x 10.5" long x 5.9" tall
Exclusive Premium DLC
Available day and date with the release of God of War III: The God of War Battle Arena containing an exclusive environment and up to seven unique challenges *PSN Voucher Exclusive Premium Skin - Dominus (Kratos Skin) *Playable after the completion of God of War III *PSN Voucher
Director's Cut of God of War: Myth to Legend
The God of War: Myth to Legend movie tells Kratos's epic journey leading up to God of War III. Includes testimonials from studio, fans, and influencers in the entertainment industry. *PSN Voucher
Limited Edition of the God of War Art Book
Collector's Art Book featuring never before seen exclusive art from the game and interviews from the development team.
God of War Trilogy Music Soundtrack
God of War I, II, III scores from the game, which can be played on any music device. *PSN Voucher and digital download only (.mp3)
God of War III Heavy Metal EP
God of War Heavy Metal EP featuring original music inspired by the series, which can be played on any music device. *PSN Voucher and digital download only (.mp3) Includes the following bands: Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Opeth, Trivium, and Taking Dawn
also you get bonus
Reserve God of War III and receive a GameStop exclusive Phantom of Chaos character skin. Based on early concept art done when the God of War I team was first creating the character that would eventually become Kratos. Available online and in-store while supplies last. Note: The exclusive unlockable skin becomes available in-game when the player has completed the entire GOW III game at least once.
I'll definetly be reserving a copy