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    Default Rare NES Game on Ebay?

    Hey I just saw this game on Ebay the other night, it's not rated that high on the scale but I don't see any others like it and I was wondering what you guys thought about it. It's the Original Mario Bros. CIB for NES

    Mario Bros The Original Nintendo NES COMPLETE IN BOX - eBay (item 130415966894 end time Aug-09-10 17:52:45 PDT)

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    Default Re: Rare NES Game on Ebay?

    It's definitely worth something but not nearly what the seller is asking. Here's the same thing for 40% of that one's price.

    MARIO BROS. NES NINTENDO GAME COMPLETE RARE - eBay (item 160459977844 end time Aug-23-10 04:03:43 PDT)



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