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    Default Qing Dynasty- Shoushan Stone- Absolute Treasure

    This item is an absolute treasure...

    Weighs in excess of 2,200 lbs

    Shoushan stone material
    - Extremely valuable stone
    - Prized material today and in ancient China
    - Prized by Chinese Royalty

    - Carving depicts the story of the River Goddess of Luo, as written by Cao Zhi
    - This carving is estimated to come from the Qing Dynasty period, late 19th Century

    This item has received extensive inspection and evaluation from experts qualified in the fields of geology, stone cutting, and ancient Chinese art.

    Price: $8,000,000 USD

    If you are interested, an extensive information packet can be made available. It contains historical information, physical dimensions, and detailed photos. Please contact the Vice President of Sales at the "contact" page at:

    T. Stern Natural Pearls
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