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I can not believe it has come to this - I am selling off one of the pride pieces to my collection. My Realtec Mallet Legend Keypad. This might be the only one? My wife says that although it is in the same condition we received it - it is like new (because of the condition of the interior cardboard which is still in excellent condition - but this IS how it was received from the manufacturer - perhaps because it is a prototype or the only one - BUT I can not attest to that - this is what several collectors told me) - but it was how we received it new from the company.The box and contents have been taken out and tested years ago. They are in the condition I received them from the manfacturer years ago - the cardboard shows wear - but that was how it was received. As a collector, I tested it and put in on my shelf as part of my collection many years ago. If you check various websites most people have questioned if this was ever made. (Quoting from "the controller is something you may not ever see within your lifetime. (I know *I've* never found one.)" and Digital Press states that while the game isn't too hard to find it states "that controller… ack".)

The box does show a little wear, but not that much considering it's age. As I mentioned it has sat on a shelf for years as a display - out of sunlight. Also, the inside cardboard holding the game included is worn, but as those of you who know me - I can state that the controller was taken out of the box back in the 1990's (not sure when) - tested - along with the game it comes with and put back in.

The box itself holding everything is also in displayable condition.

This is the ONLY one I EVER saw on Ebay; accordingly it is being listed to reflect is scarcity

NOTE: Back of the box reads as follows:

When the evil monster kidnaps the beautiful prnicess

Philia and her little dog. What does prince David gonna do about it?

David is not cry or hide. He takes his big Mallet and ...

Special Keyboard offer.

Arcade simulation-style hitting game

digitized sound effect.

The controller is a 3x3 grid with big, circular buttons on each square you could press to accurately recreate that ticket-earning experience of Whac-a-mole from the arcade. The factory controller comes packed with the mallet legend game.

Please note that as I have not played this game for years - I do believe that this is a Sega Genesis Game - but I don't know if this is technically a Sega Genesis or Mega Drive game (although I do believe it is sega genesis).
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