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    Default In a Dream I can see NiGHTS close by! Reviewing the Sega Saturn game

    We've posted a review on NIGHTS into dreams in our articles section.



    "Fly fluid and free in real-time 3D" and "Fly plaything, fly", now I have no idea how long ago I watched those commercials. NiGHTS Into Dreams was a game I, at first didnít think much about (or the Saturn for that matter). Then, life brought someone into my life who really liked that game and wanted to play it. Being who I am, plus we were dating, I tracked down and brought her a Saturn, Nights and later Christmas Nights. Later though, I got my own and grabbed Nights for myself. It was a game that swept me away. While much later on, it was a game to remember. It was also the time when the present design of controllers first appeared, just as a point of interest.


    When you sleep, sometimes dreams seem more real: lucid dreams. What if there were worlds just for dreams: Nightopia and Nightmare. In these works aspects of peoplesí personalities manifest as commonly as 4 "Ideya": Yellow Hope, Green Wisdom, Blue Intelligence, and White Purity. A rare 5th type exist: Red Courage, but it is the most tied to the person as nothing can separate it from the dreamer. Wizeman the Wicked, ruler of Nightmare begins to collect "Ideya" to expand his control over to the realm of Nightopia and eventually into the waking world. He creates NiGHTS and Reala to aid him in his collection. NiGHTS rebels against his creator and is sealed away in an Ideya CageÖ

    Elliot loves basketball and is the best of all his friends in Twin Seeds. One day, playing a game with his friends some older kids come and simply beat down on Elliot, skill wise, on the court. That night Elliot has a nightmare about the days events and runs accidently into the world of NightopiaÖ
    Claire is a talented young singer. She goes to audition for the coming celebration in Twin Seeds but winds up petrified on stage and canít perform. She has a nightmare about the dayís events, and like Elliot manages to find her way into Nightopia.

    Both these children possess the rare Courage Ideya. Each manages to find NiGHTS, who tells them about Wizemanís plans. Each, individual, agrees to help NiGHTS in his struggle to set things to right, returning the stolen Ideya to the people of the world and to restore peace in the world.


    Nights is about two things: Flying and speed. Each of the levels, Nights, have 4 courses, Mares, which the player needs change into NiGHTS, and within the time limit collect 20 Blue Chips, break the Ideya Cage, collecting the Ideya, and press on. At the end of each Night is a boss which youíll need to progress. If the timer runs out, the child separates from NiGHTS, who is imprisoned again. Also, the Alarm Clock takes to pursuing you to wake you up. In order to move onto the next dream you will need to get a grade of "C" or better. Both Claire and Elliot have their own stages, but the final stage is shared by both of them.

    Read the full review here:
    In a Dream I can see NiGHTS close by! Reviewing the Sega Saturn game
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    Default Re: In a Dream I can see NiGHTS close by! Reviewing the Sega Saturn game

    Fantastic game



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