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    Default Sale: Sega Games

    Hi everybody, I have recently put up some sega games on my store.


    I have 10 games that I found in my father in laws attic, they are all in really nice shape and come with the game, case, and instruction booklets.

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    Default Re: Sale: Sega Games

    Do you still have these for sale ???

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    Default Re: Sale: Sega Games

    Just joined today and had some question about selling Sega games and accessoires.
    I have over 200 games, plus I have 2 master systems, 3D goggles ( 2 ) , lethal enforcer gun, TeeVgolf (unopened)
    Quick shot aviator controller ( 2 ) arcade power sticks ( 2 ), Menacer gun w/6 pac unopened, and more.
    95 % of the games are in their original case with instruction. We also have hint books for a lot of the games.
    Any ideas or help to find the right people that would be interested in these items.
    Rod 541-326-9726 or feelintoofroggy@yahoo.com

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    Default Re: Sale: Sega Games

    i use to have a sega master , after it i got nintendo , i always consider sega master as an old system but now i have played that game "After burner " thi game is classical arcade game its for the new generation gamers .. its awesome



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