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    Planet playing roms on the dreamcast?

    I just picked up a dreamcast at a yard sale today, the manufacture date on it is 01/2000, I am just curious how I would soft mod it to play nes, snes, and genesis roms can anyone help me out with this?

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    Default Re: playing roms on the dreamcast?

    You dont softmod it...........dreamcast was one of those last great machines that could read CD-RS without a chip modification, now its the software that is on these cd-r's, just do a google search for....

    dreamcast bootdisc's, dreamcast emulation, snes (or other machine) on dremacast emulation.....etc etc......

    Theres a whole community out there, I wont provide links becasue im sure your not supposed to on this forum, AND it will take you all of 5 mins to discover what to do, how to burn it, and where to get the games from thanks to google.....

    Hope this is of some help.

    Oh side note, you only needed to have a mod chip for your DC to lpay forgeion regeion games, I had a region select chip on my UK DC to play import japanese games back in the day, but even now it can all be done with a bootdisc....happy hunting

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    Default Re: playing roms on the dreamcast?

    try YOUTUBE as well....you can watch step by step how its done.

    I've only discovered the Dreamcast in the past month or so. I actually never had played one until now, and wanted to buy one.
    its been the only thing i've played in the past few weeks
    got complete NES, Snes, atari roms
    and approx 70plus games as well



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