I need some help on my system analysis and design assignment. I need to put together part of an outline for a
deliverable. Below is a little bit of background on the project.

This project will design and implement a customer relationship management system in order to provide superior
customer service by rewarding our most loyal customers. Specifically, the system will track customer purchases,
assign points for cumulative purchases, and allow points to be redeemed for "rewards" at local stores. This
goal of this system is to provide an incentive to customers to choose Petrie Electronics as their first and only
choice for making electronic purchases. The system will provide Petrie Management with improved information on
the purchase behavior of our most loyal customers.

I need help starting my part of the outline for the deliverable

1. Risk Management Plan
a. Process
b. Risk Identification
c. Risk Analysis
d. Risk Response Planning
e. Risk monitoring, controlling, and reporting

2. Recommendation - detail narrative of your recommended solution. Be sure to discuss any alternatives
investigated and why they were rejected in favor of your recommended solution. Include a discussion of the
estimated cost to complete and the estimated schedule to complete with backup on how you arrived at these cost.
The cost and schedule must be the same as in the Microsoft project deliverable below.

Just need some help understanding how to start this outline