I am doing an interview for psychology and I have to interview another culture. If someone could please answer these question i would greatly appreciate it! If you can't answer all the questions I understand just answer what you can! Thank you guys so much!

1.What is your name,gender, current residence?
2.WHat is your culture and/or ethnic orgin?
3. What is the primary language spoken by your family?
4. What kind of healthcare system do you have in your country?
5. WHat kind of food do you eat? Any ethnic food?
6. How much importance does your culture place on education?
7. WHat are your holidays and traditions?
8. How do you spend their leisure time? (Sports, Movies, etc.)
9. If you reside in the United Sates or another place different from your country do you rather it there or in your old country? WHy?
10. What made you come to the USA or to a country different from your own?
11. What is one thing that you wish you could change about your country? (Weather, Stores,Activities)?
12. What is your favorite sport and sport's team from your county?
13. What misconceptions do you feel people have about your culture?
14. WHat are you most proud about concerning your culture?
15. How important is family in your culture?