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To ensure a positive experience for all members of our community, we have set in place the following rules. All rules are pretty much common sense, so nothing should come to you as a surprise. Failure to abide may result in suspension or termination of your account.


You are entitled to one (1) account. Users found to be using multiple accounts will have all of their accounts terminated.

Editorial Policy admins, editors and moderators have full authority to edit or remove any post on these forums, at any time, and for any reason, without warning.

Language and content

Vulgar, obscene, or otherwise offensive language will not be tolerated. Please be respectful to other members of the community. It is ok and natural to sometimes disagree with others' opinions, but please do not resort to inappropriate language. Try to express your opinion in an articulate manner.

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Illegal Content

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Linking to other websites

You may post links to external websites (including your own website) if relevant to the thread topic. Make sure to include a description or discussion about the website you are linking to. Posting just a link by itself will result in deletion of the link.

The following types of links are strictly prohibited:

Links to websites displaying adult content.
Links to websites displaying illegal content or engaging in illegal activity, including pirated downloads.
Links to casino or gambling websites.
Links to pyramid schemes.
Affiliate links.

Posting inappropriate links will result in the deletion of the link, and, in extreme cases, suspension or termination of your forum account. admins, editors and moderators have the right to delete any link if deemed inappropriate for any reason.

Signatures Policy

Signatures may be up to 4 lines long.
You may put a link to a page you own.
Links must follow same rules as stated in the Linking to other websites section.
No images or banners allowed in your signature.
No ads or solicitations. admins, editors and moderators have the right to delete or edit your signature at their own discretion if deemed inappropriate for any reason.
Do not make posts with the sole intent of promoting your signature (Signature Spam).

Warnings, infractions, suspensions and terminations

If you violate the rules, the following actions may be taken on your account by depending on the severity of the violation:

Warnings: You will receive a warning on your account. These are usually given for minor and first time violations.
Infractions: One or more infraction points, depending on the severity of the violation, will be added to your account balance. Infractions fade over time, so don't panic if you receive one. Your infraction points will eventually clear, as long as you do not persist in violating the rules. If you do keep accumulating points, you will be suspended for an amount of time depending on the number of points you've accumulated. Accumulating 20 points will result in a permament ban.
Suspension: Regardless of the existence of a warning or infraction history, your account can be suspended by staff if your violation is deemed very severe. Suspension means that your account is disabled for a period of time proportionate to the severity of your violation.
Termination: Regardless of the existence of a warning, infraction or suspension history, your account may be terminated by admins at any given time. This will only be used in extremely severe circumstances.

Specific forums might have additional rules or guidelines, generally posted as a thread at the top of the forum.

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