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Thread: Guidelines for posting in the Price Check forum

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    Dice Guidelines for posting in the Price Check forum

    The Price Check Forum is intended to help you find out how rare your item is and how much it is worth.

    Also, you can post here to get advice on what is a fair price to pay for any collectible so that you do not pay too much.

    In order for community members to best assist you in appraising your item, please follow the guidelines below:

    Post item name in the title: Don't force users to go into the thread to find out what the item is when maybe they have no experience at all with items of that category.

    Post as many details as you can about the collectible: What condition is it in? Does it include the manual and other accessories? Does it include original packaging? Is it sealed in box? All these factors make a huge difference when determining the value of an item. Try to be as descriptive as you can. Feel free to attach photo(s) of your items.

    Please do not ask to buy, sell, or trade on this forum. This is not a trading forum, it's to help members find out how rare their item is and how much it is worth. Trading activity should be taken over to our trade district.

    IMPORTANT: Any rarity and value estimate is the personal opinion of the author of the post (who is a member of the community just like you). does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any of the content here.
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