Hi all,

was just wondering if anyone can help me out putting a value to these games.

They are all hand me downs from my brother


Ghostbusters (red cart - hard yellow case)
Private eye (hard yellow case)
Rampage (hard yellow case)
Kung-Fu Master (hard yellow case)

Boxing (red cart - Cardboard case)
Joust (red cart - Cardboard case)
Desert Falcon (red cart - Cardboard case)

Bit corporation (cp401) - 4 Games in one - sea monster(pgp201) / open sesame (pgp204) / dancing plate (pgp205) / mission 3,000AD (pgp207) (Cardboard case with instructions) - I cant find any info on this what so ever online.

16 Games in one (Cardboard case) - not much info on this either

Crossbow (Cartridge only)
Video Pinball (Cartridge only)
Dodge'em (Cartridge only)
Vanguard (Cartridge only)

If photo will help let me know and ill get them up asap

Thanks in advance for you time