Hello there! I am new to the forum. I am needing to desperately sell my Ashton Drake collection of Little House dolls but do not have a good feeling for what they are worth anymore. Sadly, when on display at a church function the person who was supposed to watch all the dolls wasn't and some child came buy and stole a few pieces, but not many. The dolls are out of of their boxes and have been on display on a shelf since I was eight years old. I own all the boxes however and would sell them with their original boxes. Below is a list of the dolls and their conditions:

Ma Ingalls: Perfect condition doll-wise. Her pie plate became separated from the pie all by itself. It should be an easy glue job, but I don't want to be the one to do it. Otherwise, she is perfect.
Pa Ingalls: Again, a perfect specimen. Nothing wrong with the doll or the fiddle.
Mary Ingalls: She is perfect herself, but missing one or two apples (the rascal from church function)
Laura Ingalls: This is my fault. Her thumb broke off, but has been glued masterfully back on by my father who works with ceramics. She still has her satchel and is in otherwise fine condition.
Carrie Ingalls: Perfect condition doll, but missing the bag of candy. (Again, rascal from church)
Grace Ingalls: Perfect condition doll, but one flower is pulled off bouquet. Could probably be replaced from a craft store.
Nellie Olsen: Perfect condition, including her doll.

I have loved the Ingalls my whole life, but it was the doll collection or buying a dog. Right now our family needed a new dog and he is my responsibility. I need an estimate of worth (as well as suggestions for the best way to sell them). Any help is greatly appreciated. I need the money as soon as possible. We went ahead and got the dog we fell in love with but he has health conditions that were unknown and we need financial help NOW. Thank you for your help!

Cassie Conger