My grandma gave me these to sell for her, but I have no idea what they are worth. Does anyone here have experience or knowledge of these books?

1843 - arithmetic, designed for academies and schools. By Charles Davies. Published in Philadelphia in 1843, hard cover, binding intact. Typical wear for such an old book, all pages intact.

And some original McGuffey readers;

1879 - McGuffey's sixth eclectic reader, revised edition, had cover, spine intact, great condition.
1867 - McGuffey's fourth eclectic reader, hard cover, spine in tact but worn condition
18xx - McGuffey's eclectic third reader containing lessons in prose and poetry, hard cover, spine intact, moderate wear
1879 - McGuffey's fourth eclectic reader, har cover, top cover missing, spine broken and missing but pages still strung together, poor condition.

Please help if you can, my grandma thanks you!


Scott DeAscentis.

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