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    Default NTDEC POWERFUL 250 in ONE

    Hey I'm brand new here and registered because I couldn't really find any information about a NES game that I had collected at some point in time when I was younger.

    It is a grey bootleg style cartridge with no labels on it at all. I'm not positive that it ever had labels or if they were ripped off at some point. I found another person on youtube (NTDEC - NES 250 in 1 cart - a closer look (HD) - YouTube) with the same game however his cartridge did have labels but the areas where labels would go seem to be in a slightly different spot than on my particular cartridge. It appears this game is the same as the "golden 250 in one" famicom cartridge. I searched online but couldn't find anything about estimated value or rarity.

    Here is a picture of the title screen
    Photo Nov 12_ 8 43 46 PM.jpg

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: NTDEC POWERFUL 250 in ONE

    Well here it is 3 years later lol. I hope you check this from time to time. You may notice that the title screen on your cartridge has some different games than the title screen on youtube. I also have a 250 cart with no labels and slightly different cartridge design than youtube. It also looks like it never had labels. Mine also has different games on the title screen than on youtube and different also than the games on your title screen. I have searched extensively for a cart similar to mine and yours is the only one I've found. My best guess is it's a prototype cartridge, which would make it more valuable for sure. The golden 250 sells for about $250. apparently there were only 500 made but that may be a rumour. Hope this helps, also, if you have learned anything new about your cartridge since your posting could you please share it with me.



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