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    Default 1959 Fortune Lamp Company Lamp

    Hello out there!
    I found this great lamp at a thrift store. Have been looking for info on line and have found little. I have seen lamps from 1960 to 1967, but not a single 1959. I know this company wasn't around for long and they weren't very big...but this lamp sure is!IMG_20120206_075402.jpgIMG_20120206_075339.jpgIMG_20120206_075319.jpg. The only damage on the lamp are these few in the picture.

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    Default Re: 1959 Fortune Lamp Company Lamp

    Well pends on what you want to do with the piece. Keeping it or Selling it?? If your keeping it im sure alittle research on the company will not be to hard to find and the price on it is what you paid for it. If your selling it and looking up a fair price to resell um well something like that is best to just put it online and let it ride. since there is not much on the piece the price you get for it will be the price you are looking for.



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