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    Default Price Check: Commodore SX-64 Executive Computer

    How much is a Commodore SX-64 Executive Computer in working condition worth?


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    The SX-64 is a cool piece of computer. The Commodore 64 "Laptop" (Though it is 3 times as heavy as any modern laptop). Still very nice, one of the earlier compact computers, definetly a great piece of Commodore 64 and computing history.

    I actually bought one a cpl of months back on Ebay, so I know how much it goes for since I researched the price. Most of the auctions went for around $150, though a few reached $300. If you are looking to sell one, $250-$300 would be a good amount to get for it. If you are looking to buy one, I would recommend not exceeding a bid of $200 on Ebay. If it goes beyond that, wait for another auction.
    These things are not that rae, so they show up pretty often in the marketplace.

    Only caveat if you are not buying it locally is that it is very heavy so it could be expensive to ship, probably at least $30



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