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    Planet Price Check: Ryan Gosling Young Hercules Autographed Poster


    I have this poster which I got in a Sci-Fi event by Creationent 5 years ago. It's a special promotional poster of Ryan Gosling in his Young Hercules outfit. I think he signed only like 100 of those in that event and they were given to VIP members. It is in good condition, but it has a couple of bends. Any idea how much it would be worth?

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    Mmm Interesting, I dont think there are many of his autographs out in the Market currently. I believe Ryan Gosling is quite popular, with many fans.

    By the way, I used to watch Young Hercules (and also the Sister shows: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and of course, Xena: Warrior Princess). I am a fan of Greek Mythology so those shows have always drawn my interest.

    Back to the topic, as I said I think it is pretty rare. The age also increases its value. However, you say there are "a couple of bends" on it, which decrease the value significantly compared to a mint poster.

    Overall, I would say it is worth around $40-$60. If you are selling it though, I would wait until there is some big feature movie starring Ryan Gosling. This will drive up the value of the poster, perhaps even to $80-$100. For example, when the Transformers movie aired, I observed that all transformers toys and memorabilia increased exponentially in value.
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