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    Default Pokemon Cyrus Online

    Link: Pokemon Cyrus Online

    Hello everyone, I am here to invite you to a Free Pokemon MMORPG in its Beta Stages. This is a dedicated game that plans on going to the top and make a fun game for all ages.


    24/7 Server hosted by Seg.
    No crashings/No Lag
    Stable Servers
    Active GM''s- Cyrus, Jaden, Northy, Retro, etc.
    Very nice community
    Player vs Player
    NPC Trading
    Crew Bases
    You can Travel to each of the 3 Regions
    You have the chance to become either a Police or a Team Rocket Grunt
    Mission System
    You can buy sprites for ingame fashion
    Catchable Pokemon
    Tons of maps
    Tons of Pokemon
    Every level your pokemon gains, you get 1 extra stat to add to any stat you want to.
    Hidden Maps
    Challenging Pieces in the game
    Held items for your Pokemon/Equiptment system
    Spawn Savers [When you die, you return to that spot]
    Malls [Loaded with items]
    Evolution Stones
    Trade Evolution works
    You can give zeny to others
    Delete a Pokemon you dont want
    2v2 PVP Battles
    2v2 Wild Battles
    Many more features to come

    Few Ingame Screenshots to get a feel for the game:

    *Screenshot of the ingame battle screen

    *Screenshot of the pokemon market

    *Screenshot of the Pc

    (Credits to some pics go to Presents)

    Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do and itís a must play game.
    This is no knock off or any other pokemon online game where 2 months down later its closed. Pokemon Cyrus Online will always be growing and becoming better and itís up to you guys to give it a try.

    P.S For any help just email me at hell.reapers@hotmail.com or pm in the games forums as my forum name is Hell. Also check my crew out Brotherhood of Serenity and donít be afraid to chat with me in game as my name is ReaperX server 2.

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    Looks cool, will check it out

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    Nice, I've never tried a Pokemon MMORPG before. Can you play as Pikachu? Will definetly give this a shot



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