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    Default complete list pokemon platinum that evolve during trading

    where can I find a complete list of pokemon platinum that evolve during trading

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    Default Re: complete list pokemon platinum that evolve during trading

    From my guide: Evolution 200
    This guide is one of a 2 guide series, explaining the various methods of evolving pokemon. Evolution 200 is organized based on the style of evolution and has some tips to achieve each one.

    The first style of evolution in Pokemon that encouraged social behavior or having 2 Gameboys and 2 of the games to get the species. It started simply, just requiring you to send it over to a friend and that would be enough. Now though, an item can be required to trigger the evolution. Be careful as some of these evolutions can only be done once. It is worth noting that a trade-based evolution will follow roughly the same move-gain as its previous form.

    Kadabra --> Alakazam
    Machoke --> Machamp
    Graveller --> Golem
    Haunter --> Gengar
    Seadra (Dragon Scale) --> Kingdra
    Poliwhirl (King’s Rock) --> Politoed
    Slowpoke (King’s Rock) --> Slowking
    Onix (Metal Coat) --> Steelix
    Rhydon (Protector) --> Rhypieror
    Syther (Metal Coat) --> Scizor
    Electabuzz (Electirizer) --> Electivire
    Magmar (Magmarizer) --> Magmortar
    Porygon (Upgrade) --> Porygon 2
    Porygon 2 (Dubious Disc) --> Porygon-Z
    Duskull (Reaper Cloth) --> Dusknoir
    Clamperl (Deepsea Tooth) --> Huntail
    Clamperl (Deepsea Scale) --> Gorebyss"
    Finally, a new generation of Pokemon for us to enjoy. There is much to look forward to in 2011!

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    Default Re: complete list pokemon platinum that evolve during trading

    Also be sure to read the pokemon platinum trading guide!

    Pokemon Trading Guide

    Have fun evolving your pokemon by trading them wiith friends!!



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