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    Default What does eevee breed with

    What does evee breed with

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    Default Re: What does eevee breed with

    Eevee is part of the Ground Egg-group, allowing it to breed with any other Pokemon from that same group. Serebii.net has a complete list of what is included in that group.
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    Default Re: What does eevee breed with

    these pokemons will breed with eevee:

    Absol Aipom Ambipom Ampharos Arbok Arcanine Bibarel Bidoof Blaziken Buizel
    Buneary Camerupt Chimchar Combusken Cyndaquil Delcatty Delibird Dewgong
    Diglett Donphan Dugtrio Dunsparce Eevee Ekans Electrike Empoleon Espeon
    Exploud Farfetch'd Flaaffy Flareon Floatzel Furret Girafarig Glaceon Glameow
    Golduck Granbull Growlithe Grumpig Hippopotas Hippowdon Houndoom
    Houndour Infernape Jolteon Kecleon Leafeon Linoone Lopunny Loudred Lucario
    Luxio Luxray Mamoswine Manectric Mankey Mareep Mawile Meowth Mightyena
    Miltank Monferno Nidoking Nidoran Nidorino Ninetales Numel Nuzleaf
    Pachirisu Persian Phanpy Pikachu Piloswine Piplup Ponyta Poochyena Primeape Prinplup
    Psyduck Purugly Quagsire Quilava Raichu Rapidash Raticate Rattata Rhydon
    Rhyhorn Rhyperior Sandshrew Sandslash Sealeo Seedot Seel Sentret Seviper
    Shiftry Shinx Skitty Skuntank Slaking Slakoth Smeargle Sneasel Snubbull
    Spheal Spinda Spoink Stantler Stunky Swinub Tauros Teddiursa Torchic Torkoal
    Typhlosion Umbreon Ursaring Vaporeon Vigoroth Vulpix Wailmer Wailord
    Walrein Weavile Whismur Wooper Zangoose Zigzagoon



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