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    Default how to defeat oreburgh gym chimchar

    how do you defeat oreburgh gym leader with chimchar

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    Default Re: how to defeat oreburgh gym chimchar

    Just using Chimchar to take down Roark would be very difficult. The Gym Leader has a type advantage as well as most of Chimchar's attacks won't be very effective against his Pokemon. If you have any grass, ground, fighting or water type attacks, this is a very good battle to use them in.

    To defeat his team using Chimchar, first stock up on as many potions as you can. I would suggest liberal use of the move "Leer" to drop down each Pokemon's Defense. After hitting the Pokemon with 4-6 Leers, begin attacking. The drop in defense should be enough to overcome the drop in power for less effective attacks. Do note though that each time a Pokemon is switched out, their stats return to normal.
    Finally, a new generation of Pokemon for us to enjoy. There is much to look forward to in 2011!

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    Default Re: how to defeat oreburgh gym chimchar

    This is how I did it: Just tank up a bidoof until it learns water gun so train it until level like 10-15 preferably above 12



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