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    Default easiest way to get game corner coins in platinum

    wahts easiest way to get game corner coins in pokemon platnum

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    Default Re: easiest way to get game corner coins in platinum

    It takes some time and some patience, but the pay outs are usually worth it...

    First, you want to simply choose a slot machine, then you'll want to sit down as this part will take some time.

    Once it is rolling, pay close attention to the reels. There should be a pattern for each. Aim to note when the Pikachu and the Replay icons go by, as they stand out a fair bit. Proceed one reel at a time, trying for Pikachus and Replays.

    Once you're good at this, try to aim for 7's and Moon Stones. This will eventually lead to the Clefairy Mode and Clefairy Bonus. This is where it gets easier to rack up some good coinage.

    Once you enter into Clefairy Mode, it gets easier to line up G's and 7's by sight. If you do this, you enter into Clefairy Bonus. Why go for this mode? First, it last 15 rounds and secondly, if you trigger the slots in the order the Clefairy points to, its a WIN!

    While in Clefairy Bonus, here are some things to keep in mind:
    1) Ditto Clefairy - A Clefairy in all regards but the face, which will be a Ditto's. This means it is harder to line up a Combo.
    2) The Red Moon - This is sort of a bad thing. When you see this moon, DO NOT line up Replays. It will wear out the Clefairy and that makes it harder to get Combos.
    3) Shiny Clefairy - This is a very good thing. This means the combo is very easy!

    With some practice, this will be a cinch and you will be rolling in coins in little time.
    Finally, a new generation of Pokemon for us to enjoy. There is much to look forward to in 2011!



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