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    Default VGA CGA EGA

    What do the abbreviations VGA CGA EGA mean in regards to PC DOS games?

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    Default Re: VGA CGA EGA

    Basically its how many colors as well of the resolution of the monitor

    see here:

    CGA - EGA - VGA (versus mode..) - Old Games

    CGA (aptly called Colour Graphics Adapter) supported 16 colors in text mode, 4 at 320x200 and 1 at 640x200.
    EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) supported 640x350 and could use 16 colours from 64 colour palette.
    VGA (Video Graphic Array) could do 640x480 with 16 colours or 320x200 with 256 colors. Today the term VGA is used to specify a resolution of 640x480. These were all standards made by IBM.
    SVGA wasn't really more a standard, but genreally meant 16,7 million colors and/or resolution of 800x600. This is where VESA comes around. And this is why SVGA was a pain in the ass to configure in old games compared to VGA. Especially if you had ATI's videocard.



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