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    Default PC Airline 6 reviews ratings

    Post your reviews of the PC game Airline 6

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    Default Re: PC Airline 6 reviews ratings

    Save your money, Airlines 6 is not very good.
    This is an old, underdeveloped game that does not live up to it's own hype.
    Yes there are lots of options in setting up your airline but once you have there is nothing else to do and after a short period of gaming it starts to get boring.
    There is no challenge and absolutely no competition.
    There are heaps of flaws in the programe and a lot of the options either don't work or have no effect on the game play.
    At $US60 it is expensive and there are ongoing support costs.
    There are other less expensive and better developed aviation sims available including Airline Mogul, Airwaysim and Airline Empires.
    2/10 stars



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