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    Default Killer 7 for the Nintendo Gamecube review

    We've posted a review on Killer 7 for the Nintendo Game Cube on our articles section.



    "May the Lord smile"
    "And the Devil have mercy"

    Okay, this is easily one of the most notable games to show on the Gamecube (it also came out on the PS2, but it lost a lot!). Itís also hard to sum up in any real manner in the conventional genres. This also means this game is very Hit or Miss, with no real middle ground. A number of friends said I should play it and only after a few times physical threats were involved. I got lucky to find the game (thus no longer having to worry much about physical harm) after it came out at the local game store used for a good price and grabbed it. I have no idea how long I played it, but it was awesome, crowned by the gameplay. This game is the first M rated to be reviewed here and I will say that this game got that rating for a good reason (Cursing with gallons of blood and dismemberment). Itís one of the quiet games you just try one day and find itís already the next day with only two missions done and sunlight starting to show.


    You are one of 7 personalities of Master Harman, a Godly assassin working directly for the Government to deal with the only remaining Terrorist Organization: The Heavens Smiles. These are created by Harmanís rival Kun Lan. Unlike the usual multiple personality disorder these manifest in a completely independent body. You play as Garcian Smith, the dominate persona of the total 7. Through the medium of blood you can transform into any of the other 6 personalities.


    We got rails, first person shoot and puzzles to kick it off. The game starts in the third person perspective, with you only able to go forward, turn around, shift into first person view, and scan the area. The Heaven Smiles are delightful lunatics who laugh manically whenever they show up so you always know some things are there to kill. Most characters have their own weapon, but all of them have unique ability useful at doing something. Coyote can leap high and pick lock, though he shares a lot of similarities with Dan who just puts lead in all the right places and is the connected character who knows people. Kevin is quiet, turns invisible and the only one who uses throwing knives for quick killing and no reload. Con is one of the two dual wielders, has sonar, can ran like the wind (he really can) and being the youngest is useful for some gaps. Kaede is the only girl, but my favorite of the cast as the sniper and could use her blood to break down barriers. Last is Mask De Smith. While all of them have Smith as their last name, Mask De Smith is the only one who merits strong mention of it. He has brute strength to crush obstacles that get in your way and dual grenade-launchers for weapons. Any personalities that start a mission locked can be unlocked by killing a certain number of Smiles.

    The third person perspective is the most limited in that you can only go forward and turn around, but itís still useful. The rail system directs you to every location and has a very simple system for you to navigate around with.

    Read the full review here:
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    Default Re: Killer 7 for the Nintendo Gamecube review

    An intriguing game



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