Long ago I posted at Nintendo Popeye Game & Watch tabletop about my Popeye Game & Watch.

I just got an inquiry out of the blue on another forum (car message board) I'm on. I've been too lazy to put it up on Ebay, but that person seems to be offering me $80-$100, depending on condition.

I personally don't care about collecting these things (I was originally going to throw it out when cleaning my place) but at the same time am hesitant to sell it for fear that its value may skyrocket or rise substantially from now.

Anyone have idea if the value of my item will rise, stay the same or fall? I take the risk that if I keep it, it might quit working for some reason or get damaged in a move.

I'm thinking of putting it up on Ebay for a 7 day auction and setting a reserve somewhere around $80 and if it doesn't sell, I'll sell it to this person. Good idea? Stupid? Will I be kicking myself in the future?