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Jam Session: Custom Jam
This is the game mode I spend the most time in honestly. I like just how much flexibility you have with all the songs and instruments. There are at least 20 different songs, all with options for the 12 different styles of play that are loaded as default on the game. Some of the songs are simply classics obviously chosen because most every one knows them (like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Do Rei Me, The Legend of Zelda) but as you play through lessons and make videos, you unlock more songs (Mute City, Material Girl, Daytime Dreamer, La Bamba, Chariots of Fire). You also can choose from at least 12 different stages, to go with the music and those options expand as well. After youíve chosen your song and stage, itís time to choose the style, instruments, part, tempo and accompaniment. Every song can have things added, every style can be messed around with, changing the instruments. This is definitely the mode where the game itself takes off and really letís you play around with song of your favorite songs or some of the classic songs you grew up listening to. There is a flow chart that can be called up for any part of the song as well either to be followed or to be used as a guide as how to work with the song. This is good when youíre still learning the song or want to change the style of a song. After everything is chosen, you play. At the conclusion, youíre presented with the option to go back, change the instruments, either to reduce or expand, or to save the video. By choosing to save, you can always go back at a later point and change the song around. Maybe you donít like having the Hand-bells there and want to use the Cat Suit or the Sitar. Just go to the video and rearrange it! When saving, you make a jacket to represent the song, choose your rating of the song and save it. The game supports up to 100 videos, so feel free to go crazy...

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One and two and three go! Wii Music FTW!