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    Default Sega Genesis Rarity Guide and Price Guide live

    The rarity list and price list for Sega Genesis games cartridges is live with nearly 700 games!

    RarityGuide.com - Sega Genesis Rarity Guide - Online Price Guide

    When we surveyed collectors and old school video gamers, this one was of the more requested rarity guides.
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    That is sweet, Sega Genesis games are my favorite to collect.

    I would recommend Sega Genesis for anyone who is thinking of starting a video game collection. If you are just going for the games loose, then most of them will only cost you a few bucks. So its not hard to quickly accumulate a decent collection of games. Even with boxes many games can be pretty cheap (though if they are in new condition sometimes can get expensive.

    And even though the Genesis games mostly are not hard to get, there are still a quite a few rare games that will keep the collector busy hunting.

    And most important of all, the Sega games are very fun to play



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