I have more good news for all the Commodore 64 fans out there. I have founded the "Academy BASIC" which is a course intended to teach Commodore 64 BASIC programming language. I know that many of the Commodore 64 fans might be just interested in games, but if you want to really call yourself a C64 person then you should go and learn some BASIC. You might even write your own Commodore 64 games when you are through with the material.

No programming experience whatsoever is required. This course is for everyone, and I've even added a special forum to discuss and get help with course material. So go and check it out, it's free! It currently has only a couple of modules but more modules are constantly being added.

Here is an excerpt from the syllabus:

Welcome to Academy BASIC where you will learn to program in the BASIC programming language. There are many variants of BASIC, but we will focus on the Commodore BASIC since it was the language of the Commodore 64 which is very popular among collectors and old school video gamers. Learning Commodore 64 BASIC will help you understand and familiarize yourself better with the Commodore 64 systems. We will also touch other flavors of BASIC, but these will be included in electives and will not be part of our core program

By providing this course, we wish to re-introduce the fun passion for programming that was at the heart of the 80's kids who got their first computer system, the Commodore 64, and went on an adventure to explore the world of programming using Commodore BASIC.

Academy BASIC