Everyone knows that having a presence on social networks is essential. With the elections around the corner, politicians intensify their movement in them or open a profile, especially on Twitter, where the political debate is more intense. Facebook and Twitter become a direct way of communicating with voters where political candidates are launched to the massive update of their profiles, mainly in videos.

But, they must keep in mind that social networks are a channel for debate, for conversation, and that they will have to listen, respond and analyze with education and respect the opposite voices that may arise throughout the year, since today It is easy to find a video that has been download facebook videos and edited by the opponent to disadvantage his opponent, not only when the elections approach.
During these weeks before the elections, politicians focus on who has more followers, fans, retweets, conversations and more interesting discussions, but after the voting, many candidates forget their accounts. And this is where they make the serious mistake of using social networks simply a few days every four years.

A few days ago, Katie Stanton, vice president of Global Media for Twitter, made some statements about the relationship of politicians with Twitter, where she pointed out that Spanish politicians are in the lead. It is surprising how in Spain all candidates are on Twitter, who have understood that it is a platform that allows them to talk with their electorate and favors a different relationship.

Regarding the way of tweeting, new parties tend to take more risks, share and interact more and be more transparent. They tweet more frequently. The traditional ones are usually more cautious and conservative because, being in power, they have more to lose.