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    Default It is a fact throughout the world.

    It is a fact throughout the world. Politicians prefer Twitter. Candidates, rulers, leaders, militants ... Obama's election campaign in 2008 marked the way. Twitter was one of his most innovative tools, and on the day of the election he already had 100,000 followers. In 2012, just 4 years later, Obama arrived on election day with 20 million followers.

    Obama's two campaigns were decisive to spread the benefits of smart use of Twitter among politicians. But then it has been the characteristics of this social network that have consolidated its role in politics.

    Why is the social network preferred by politicians?

    Impact. On Twitter are opinion leaders. Politicians, rulers, candidates, leaders, journalists, media mainly download twitter photos, social and cultural referents, opinion makers, active and influential people. It is not and does not pretend to be ‘the whole society’, but it is a segment with enormous relevance for politics due to its great multiplier power.
    News. An intelligent participation in Twitter is usually a more direct way to get out in the news than traditional press conferences.
    Contact. It is a quick way to contact people relevant to the politician.
    Brevity. A tweet is 140 characters. It is not a column or a speech or long statements.
    Speed. It is an ideal tool to disseminate or follow in real time the news of an event that is unfolding.
    Interaction. It allows to exchange ideas, dialogue, discuss, defend positions, respond.
    Synthesis. What more does a politician want than to synthesize his thoughts in short sentences that serve a journalistic title and are easily remembered? Well, Twitter is a place of excellence to maximize the power of synthesis.
    Receptivity. The Twitter public receives much more naturally the messages linked to politics, while in other social networks they are often considered as outside intrusions.
    Information. Following a good menu of journalists and media allows credible sources of information always at your fingertips. To be informed quickly just consult Twitter and it is no longer necessary to go to many media in different sites. Only with its use do you realize the time you save.
    Mobility. Because of its brevity, Twitter is perfect to use from smartphones. Which means he always goes with you, nothing less.

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    Default Re: It is a fact throughout the world.

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