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    Default Latest sets (up to Gatecrash) added to MTG Price Guide


    We have added the latest sets to our Magic: The Gathering Price Guide, up to Gatecrash. Tracking approximately 30,000 cards

    Magic: The Gathering Rarity Guide - MTG Rarity List - MTG Price Guide

    Each card has a price for "Mint/Near Mint", "Slightly Played" and "Played"

    You can also click on the icons near each card to instantly search for that card on Ebay or Amazon

    Much of the data used for the prices was gathered automatically, so if you find any suspicious value (such as a basic land going for a million dollars or a Black Lotus marked at a buck) or if you have other feedback about the prices, feel free to post here and it will be reviewed.
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    Default Re: Latest sets (up to Gatecrash) added to MTG Price Guide

    Hi friend, thank's for share



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