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    Default New Forum: Silk Road

    It gives me great pleasure to announce the new Silk Road Forum. The Silk Road is meant for links to auctions of the rarest and most valuable collectibles.

    Here are the guidelines of that forum:


    the Silk Road Forum is reserved for links to auctions of the rarest and most valuable items! Only the most exotic, ultra rare items should go here.

    These auctions do not have to be your own. The collector community here is always interested when ultra rare items show up, so if you run across such items let the community know. If the item is your own, please state that.

    What counts as Ultra Rare? The following criteria can be used:
    • It rarely shows up in any marketplaces.
    • It is extremely sought after by collectors.
    • It is extremely valuable for items of its type.
    If any of the criteria above do not apply, then it most likely belongs in the Grand Bazaar forums.

    If RarityGuide.com staff determine that your post does not answer the criteria, it will be moved to the Grand Bazaar. Users repeatedly posting items that do not match the criteria may have their posting privileges in the Silk Road revoked.

    So make sure to visit and share if you spot any ultra rare items! The riches of the world await!

    Silk Road - RarityGuide.com Forums
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    Default Re: New Forum: Silk Road

    Looking forward to see what rare collectibles get put there

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    Default Re: New Forum: Silk Road

    As i'm totally new in this forum thinking to have a look on it, looking forward to it



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