Creatures - 4

Emrakul x1
Ulamog x1
Kozilek x1
It That Betrays x1

Artifacts - 17

Mindslaver x1
Expedition Map x4
Chromatic Star x4
Chromatic Sphere x4
Izzet Signet x4

Spells - 17

Condesend x3
Through the Breach x3
Repeal x4
Gifts Ungiven x4

Land - 22

Academy Ruins x1
Eye of Ugin x1
Arid Mesa x1
Scalding Tarn x3
Steam Vents x4
Urzas Mine x4
Urzas Tower x4
Urzas Power Plant x4

Sideboard - 15

Thirst for Knowledge x3
Foresee x2
Banefire x2
Serum Visions x2
Spell Pierce x2
Mana Leak x2
Sleight of Hand x2

So thats the build atm but i would like to improve it.

Thoughts on improving it so far

It That Betrays out for another Emrakul
Condesend x3 out for Remand x3

Other than that im stuck, not sure if i need a playset of both chromatic star and sphere.

Any help would be great.