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    Default Locket Of Yesterdays Burn Deck

    I try to post most of my casual decks here and realized I missed one that I had asked a few things about. This is my burn deck that I built very differently from the rest of my burn decks as I took more time to simply think about what I'd been doing wrong.

    This deck is meant to function with Locket Of Yesterdays in play, cutting the casting cost of the spell each time. It is also meant to keep a relatively full hand while dishing out a good bit of damage. Galvanoth gives me a way to do some quick blasting each time and Reforge The Soul and Chandra Ablaze both help a lot to keep my hand a bit more filled. Chandra has the added bonus of pairing exceptionally well with the Phoenix as discarding the Phoenix to her +1 ability returns the phoenix to my hand.

    Enchantments: 4
    Quest For Pure Flame x2
    Pyromancer's Ascension x2

    Artifacts: 4
    Locket Of Yesterdaysx4

    Planeswalkers: 2
    Chanda Ablazex2

    Sorceries: 16
    Slice and Dicex4
    Reforge The Soulx4
    Faithless Lootingx4
    Red Sun's Zenithx2
    Spitting Earthx2

    Instants: 16
    Volt Charge x4
    Fiery Temperx4
    Desperate Ritualx2
    Seething Songx2

    Creatures: 8
    Chandra's Phoenixx4
    Fire Servantx1

    Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle x4
    Mountains x27

    Flame Wave x4
    Lightning Boltx3
    Quest For Pure Flamex2
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