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Thread: Jace memory adept decks?

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    Default Jace memory adept decks?

    what are some good decks using jace, memory adept?

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    Default Re: Jace memory adept decks?

    I currently have a deck using both jace beleren and jace memory adept, its a blue/black burn deck that abuses wrexial the risen deep's ability (whenever wrexial the risen deep deals combat damage to a player, you may play target instant or sorcery card from that players graveyeard without paying its costs, then exile it from the game.) Wrexial also has swampwalk and island walk, so I use a few spreading seas and evil presance to turn an opponents land into either a swamp or island,sto i can swampwalk/islandwalk him, and use an instant or sorcery card I put into his graveyard by using the planeswalkers power in combo with jace's erasure that makes him burn a card everytime you draw one. Very effective deck that doesent break your bank.



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