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Thread: BUDGET DECK- Goblins

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    Default BUDGET DECK- Goblins

    Hello, this is a Budget deck for anybody who doesnt have that much money but is looking for a playable deck and at least some win at an FNM.

    This Budget deck is for Legacy.

    Deck Info: This Goblin deck is about as basic as it can get, you will be far ahead if you just grab one of the lists from the actual goblin deck but then again, that costs about 6 times more, so this would be a Budget option. The deck is full of Direct Damage, shock lighting bolt and seal of fire are your removal, and also they can be used to burn an opponent, they could win you the game almost by themselves, but you might wanna keep them for enemy creatures instead. The creatures here are all about haste i picked up the best common hasty goblins, and for the rares decided that 8 lords was good enough, specially since one of them has haste and gives haste (in case some of your goblins dont have it already, im looking at you bloodcrazed goblin). It dies to Day of Judgement.

    Rules for a Budget deck: My budget decks cannot have more than 10 rares, no money cards and no Mythics, this is the ultimate Budget building, you could buy something like this with less than $70 probably.

    4- Raging Goblin
    4- Bloodcrazed Goblin
    4- Goblin Chariot
    4- Boggart ram Gang
    4- Goblin King
    4- Goblin Chieftain

    4- Lighting Bolt
    4- Shock
    4- Seal of fire

    24- Mountains

    Money card Recomendation: 4- Demigod of Revenge for 4- Goblin Chariot.
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    Default Re: BUDGET DECK- Goblins

    Raging Goblin, Goblin Chariot and Bloodrazed Goblin are terrible, try Goblin Warchief, Goblin Ringleader and Goblin Matron, which are all reasonably cheap. For Legacy you will want some land hate, I assume you do not want to buy Wasteland so try Tectonic Edge.

    With Matron you will have some tutor power so it's worth running a couple of good but situational Goblins, try 1 Goblin Tinkerer and 1 Goblin Sharpshooter (kind of expensive, but you only want one to get with Matron as needed). 24 lands seems like a lot, everything in your deck costs almost no mana so you can cut 2 mountains for these.

    Tarfire is better than shock because Ringleader will put it in your hand. Burst Lightning is also just a way better shock. Shock is very obsolete.

    Later on if you get more budget, Goblin Lackey and Goblin Piledriver are great. Cut Seal of Fire, it isn't good, it's a shock they see coming. Demigod costs too much mana, don't play that either, Siege-Gang Commander is a much better card for that cost (and is less money), these are especially good when you can drop them for free with Goblin Lackey.

    Also if you can get Lackey- Gempalm Incinerator is great for making sure he can get through, and cantrips (and sometimes is just good as a 4/3 haste mountainwalk for 1R)

    A cheap sideboard... grab some Blood Moon/Magus Of The Moon, a bunch of Red Elemental Blast/Pyroplast, Thorn of Amythyst and Pyrokenesis



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