Hello, this is a Budget deck for anybody who doesnt have that much money but is looking for a playable deck and at least some win at an FNM.

This Budget deck is for Standard.

Deck Info: The deck is a Vampire Weenie, it uses a lot of small creatures, usually costed at one to swarm the table, and then play Captivating vampire and turn all those little guys a bit bigger, ideally after that you swing for the win, if that does not happen, the deck is still built to take profit of Captivating Vampire, all of those little 1/1's can tap for some of their threats. It's worth to point that this deck is inmensile vulnerable to Day of Judgement, and i would say Control is one of it's worst match ups. The removal package is strong and should help you against creature decks, you have no way of dealing with Planeswalkers since i decided Hexmage was too expensive to be added.

Rules for a Budget deck: My budget decks cannot have more than 10 rares, no money cards and no Mythics, this is the ultimate Budget building, you could buy something like this with less than $70 probably.

4- Vampire Lacerator (C)
4- Pulse tracker (C)
4- Guul draz Vampire (C)
4- Guul draz Assassin (R)
3- Child of night (C)
2- Gatekeeper of Malakir (U)
4- Vampire Nighthawk (U)
4- Captivating Vampire (R)

4- Feast of blood (U)
3- Doomblade (C)

24- Swamps

Money card Recomendation: 3 Bloodghasts for the 3 Child of Night.